About us

Our history

Sugar Violets was founded by Pat, whose family are all great cooks. Her grandmothers fed their families through the Second World War and were adept at making food go around however many people happened to be at the table.  Doris was a great collector of recipes, many of which I still have, and she loved cakes and preserves.

Her mother was well known for her love of cooking, and her ability to adapt recipes - "I didn't have any... so I just used...instead".

This solid foundation of wholesome, quality food is what has helped to build our reputation. 


Our promise

We love being creative, and have found that using both chocolate and sugar paste provides a fantastic opportunity to use traditional techniques in modern and unusual ways.  Every time we make something, we think about how it could be improved or modified.  

Having a Coeliac in the family provided the opportunity to find ways of creating delicious food without gluten.  It is unsurprising, then, that our chocolates are given texture using no gluten containing ingredients, and our range of delicious cake bars and sweet treats that have been tested to ensure that they are completely gluten free.  We can source packaging to produce bespoke items with your branding.

With Sugar Violets, we can interpret your design ideas to create something especially to suit you and your business.  Your imagination is the only limitation!