Special diets

Our daughter was diagnosed as a Coeliac when she was seven years old, and over the years we have seen just how difficult it can be to find Celebration Cakes for people who have special dietary needs.

We will make cakes that are gluten free, from a comprehensive recipe collection; egg- free, nut free, Vegan or confections suitable for a diabetic diet. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.  Our small, personal facilities mean that we can ensure that we clean everything carefully and bake your cake on its own.  None of our chocolates contain gluten, and all of the Fresh Cream Truffles are made without nuts being used in the environment.  Our Gluten Free Christmas Puddings, Biscotti and cakes have all been tested and found to be gluten free.  However,  our products are made in an environment which handles nuts, eggs and gluten; please see below for more precise details of this risk.  If you have any concerns, please call 07967127279 to discuss your needs in more detail.

Handling of Allergens:

Milk products, Gluten, Sesame Seeds and Nuts are added to some of our products, and are therefore handled at some point in our premises. We try to reduce the risk of contamination and this document is intended to help you decide how you may be affected.
Risks from the manufacturers of our raw ingredients

  • Our chocolate is processed in Belgium, where Soya Lecithin is added as an emulsifier.

  • Notes on the packs of Dark Chocolate that we use in our recipes state that it "may contain milk" but suitable for Vegans. There is no indication of the extent of this risk, but there is no likelihood of additional contamination as a result of the processing that we do.

  • We have checked the packages of all herbs and spices used, and these have a risk of contact with mustard, nuts, sesame seed and celery. This warning on our products is related to this, rather than because we use these ingredients.

  • Our products are made in a dedicated workshop that handles no gluten containing products.

  • Utensils are washed in the dishwasher where possible, and are thoroughly cleaned if washed by hand.

  • Our moulds, which are used for some filled chocolates and bars, are cleaned, but not washed, to preserve the patina, which gives the shine on the surface. They are warmed with a heat gun and carefully wiped clean between uses. This could have implications if you are highly allergic to nuts.

  • We separate the manufacture of bars and chocolates that do not have nuts or sesame seeds as an ingredient from those containing nuts.

  • Any chocolate used for nut free chocolates is freshly from the bag, and has not been used before. (It is common practice to reuse chocolate that has been tempered and not used.) Most of the fresh cream truffles are not moulded, and therefore have no contact with moulds. Nut containing recipes are made at a separate time.

    Gluten free Christmas Puddings, Brownies, Lemon and Polenta Cakes, Pistachio and Almond Cakes, Gluten Free Scones, Oat Slices,  Biscotti and Iced Christmas Cakes have been tested and certified as containing less than 4 ppm gluten.