Assorted Chocolate Selection


Contains a selection from the following flavours.  Vegan only flavour boxes or an assortment.  (PLEASE ADVISE OF ANY SPECIAL REQUESTS)

Ingredients: Fairly Traded Milk Chocolate(Sugar 42%, Cocoa Butter 24%, Whole Milk Powder (22.5%),Cocoa Mass 11%, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin <1%, Natural Vanilla Flavouring<1%);Fairly Traded White Chocolate (Sugar 46.5%, Cocoa Butter 29.5%, Whole Milk Solids (23.5%),Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin<1%, Natural Vanilla Flavouring<1%); Fairly Traded Dark Chocolate (Min 71% Cocoa Mass, 26% Sugar, 2% Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder,<1% Soya Lecithin, <1% Natural Vanilla Flavouring);     Ruby Chocolate - Min 47.3% CocoaSolids, Sugar 35.5%, Cocoa Butter 29.5%, Skimmed Milk Powder,Cocoa Mass 4%, Soya Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring),

†Suitable for Vegans

†Cherry Cordial: Cherries in Kirsch (Cherries (55%), Kirsch (45%)),Fondant (Sugar,

Glucose Syrup, Water),Colour (E555, E171, E172)

†Dark Rocher:Almonds ( Nuts), Sugar, Kirsch, Unsulphured Apricots

†Orange Square: Fondant (Sugar,Liquid Glucose, Water,Orange Juice, Orange Oil, Cointreau,Preserved Orange Pieces (20%)(Orange Peel Strips 30%, Sugar 70% (Sucrose,Fructose, Dextrose, Maltose) Citric Acid E330, Potassium Sorbate E202), VegetableOils (Rapeseed,Palm1, Sunflower), Water, Salt (1.4%), Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Acid(Citric Acid), Vitamin A and D, Flavourings,

†Praline (Blue Shimmer):(Sugar, Hazelnuts (Nuts), Soya Lecithin), Almonds(Nuts), (Kirsch, Sugar), E555, E171

Praline Meltaway:  Praline Paste (Sugar, Hazelnuts(Nuts), Soya Lecithin), Coconut Oil

Rocher:Almonds(Nuts), Kirsch, Sugar

Rose Cream:Ruby Chocolate - Min 47.3% CocoaSolids, Sugar 35.5%,Cocoa Butter 29.5%,Skimmed Milk Powder,Cocoa Mass 4%,Soya Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring),  Fondant (Sugar, Glucose Syrup),Violet Oil, Rose Extract,Emulsifier - Polysorbate 80, Geranium Extract, Rhodinol, Geraniol and Palmarosa Extract

Ruby Lemons: Fondant (Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water), Butter (Milk),Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest,Colour (E555, E171, E172), 

Salted Caramels: Sugar, Double Cream(Milk), Butter (Milk), Salt

Spiked Egg Nog:Butter(Milk),Glucose Syrup, Dark Rum (5%), Cocoa Butter,Vanilla Bean Seeds, Nutmeg

†Vegan Salted Caramel (Checked Pattern): Coconut Cream,  Sugar, Salt, Decor:E171, E172,E100, Vegetable Fat (Palm, Shea), Glucose Syrup, Spirulina Powder

†Violet Cream: Fondant, Violet Flavour, Decoration:E100, E162,E171, Soya Lecithin, Safflower Powder,Sweet Potato Powder, Spirulina Powder

Walnut Bonbons:Walnuts(Nuts), Almond Paste (Almonds(Nuts), Sugar, Liquid Glucose), Double Cream(Milk), Sugar

White Rocher:Almonds(Nuts), Kirsch, Sugar, Dried Raspberry Pieces Dried Apricot (No preservatives so dark in colour), Sour Cherries

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