Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs


Made in Fairly Traded Chocolate, with contrasting shimmer patterns, or encrusted with Organic Crystallised Ginger.  With Mendiants - chocolate discs sprinkled with cocoa nibs, dried raspberry, and crystallised mint leaves and violet petals - or dipped ginger pieces.

Fairly Traded Dark Chocolate* (Cocoa Mass 71% , Sugar 26%, Fat ReducedCocoa Powder 2%, Soya Lecithin <1%, Natural Vanilla Flavouring <1%); Freeze Dried Raspberry Pieces, Sugar, Crystallised Violet Petals (<1%) (Sugar 96%,Natural Petals 2% Gum Arabic 2%, E141), Violet Flavour (<1%)E120, E132,  Aroma;Crystallised Mint Leaves (Sugar, Natural Mint Leaves (<1%),Acacia Gum, E141);

Shimmer Decoration:E171,E172, E555

Ginger - Organic Crystallised Ginger

*(May contain Milk due to manufacturing process)                  Suitable for Vegans